Aha, here it is, me new website (well, me old website, on some new servery thing or other, I dunno, I just know I had to get everything off the old one and put it on here, painstakingly bit by bloody bit, and to be honest the layout looks a bit bloody boring, probably because it’s not a proper design tool but something easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to use for a dumb tool like me to use).


Yeh, that’s me, early start in this biking malarky. Anyway, depending on how frustrated I get at being useless at creating this web-thing bollocks, there may be more pages along soon. A bit like busses. Only less punctual. Or not. 😉




Note: Shameless capitalist self-promotion – see link below….


Or click on Me Book in the left-hand menu…. 😉