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Okay, if you want to see my Galleries, you need to use this link:

If it works, you'll get to see all my project build-up photos, plus other cool stuff. If it doesn't you could end up anywhere...

Oh, and there's some videos on You Tube here;



 Just the grooviest bike site in existence. Loadsa really neat sickles, loadsa really neat rods, an a proper good attitude. These guys are way cool, an do some excellent metalwork – check ‘em out for sure. 

Me mate Holmsey’s site (you can see his bike under Anthill pages). All that’s best and current in UK hotroddin, an a real nice bloke to boot. Top notch archive stuff too.  Well recommended.  

Yank site that doesn’t fall down and pray in front of the great God Harley. Extensive photos galleries with some cool archive shots. Well worth a look.  

European custom bike site – some real sweet bikes to have a gooze at. No dribbling please…  

The UK’s only grass-roots biker magazine. Proper hands-on stuff and not too many mega-buck Harleys. Sometimes I write for it but don’t let that put you off. 

The best forum for bikes, trikes, hotrods, Marmite. Full of fun and frivolity, and none of that over-moderated crap you get on some sites... While away many a happy hour here.

Mad as a bucket of frogs, more inventive than Heath Robinson, an still kickin after all these years. Builds the barmiest creations you've ever seen. Fear not, the Great British Eccentric is alive and well.... 

A treasure trove of genuine archive photos, rods, dragsters and salt-lake speedsters from back in the day. Totally rare as fug. Cool soundtrack too, so turn yer speakers up first. 

Me mate Craig's site, dedicated to his cool hotrod weekend in the Lakes. Loadsa groovy photos, and all the info you need for a fab weekend away.


The hippest bike magazine that ever existed. Bikes to make you swoon Bikes to make you sell your sister Bikes that give you the hunger Go for it. Man.  

If you’re into old bikes, this is definitely without doubt absolutely just the bestest magazine you can buy. Makes all the others look plain shite. ‘Nuff said. 

Cool new site for the Flathead Meltdown drag race series. Daft side-valve cars running ridiculously slow times, and having heaps of fun. You know it makes sense. 

Me mate Smax’s site. He’s only an ex FIA Top Fuel Dragster European Champion – 8000bhp and 0-300 in four seconds - how cool is that?

40 Watt Motorcycling Association. Wacky bike-based Tank Girl-lovin site that makes you laugh. Try the bikes section then press the knob (marked ‘knob’) to get to the ancient bikes. Hilarity ensues… 

Best tunes on the web. Lotsa channels, but Progressive is the best – I’m listenin to it now, I rarely have me computer one without it. But try Goa/Psy Trance if you’re feelin more up for it (or Chillout if you're not).

Some punk band from the 70’s, with some bloke called Odge in them. You really don’t wanna know, do you…? 

The best for amateur nude photos. Over 3,000 new ones posted daily, no censorship, and no membership fee – how could it possibly get better? 

Super cool pinstriper and general low-brow artist Johnny R@ does some stunning work, and is a real nice dude to boot. Plus he's actually Up't North. Yay!!!

Website for real good bunch of blokes creating cool Triumph bobbers - mainly around the good ol' 5TA engine. Nice. And well worth a look-see. (For some reason this last link appears to only work when it feels like it . And of course I ain't bright enough to suss out why. Bugger! And sigh... So you may have to type it into the box thing at the top of your screen yourself. Or try putting Britstockers in Google. Sorry....)

Lotsa cool bike stuff. And grumpiness. What more could you ask for...?






Abandon hope all ye who enter here...   




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