Hello, good evening...


...and welcome to the show


In a packed programme tonight, we visit a ball-bearing factory


Where I play a man who loses his bearings


And I play a man who loses his temper.


(with thanks to The Two Ronnies) 


Okay, I've run out of heading pages now (this is only a cheapo site, what with me being a cheapskate, but at least I paid for it so there's no bloody pop-up advert shite) so everythin else will be in here, under a 'everythin else' headin. Sensible eh? (first bloody sensible thing on this site, but there you go)


There's a few things in here already, but I generally spend a coupla hours a day workin on pages, an I'm startin to make less fuck-ups and learnin how to do it quicker, so it should fill up more over the next few weeks. I was only really havin a site to show-off a few old photos, but it's kinda taken on a life of its own, so I guess now I'll just keep goin till I run out of Megabytes (told you this was a cheapo site).


Anyway, just keep checkin in, the pages will get listed down the left-hand side when I've done any, and as far as I know you'll just click on a topic you want to see an the page will come up (not that I'm that slick, I think the software is just designed that way).



O :-) XXX



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