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Odgie's flippin website thing

Bloody Good Bargains

Yikes, how bloody profeshnial is this, a bloody products page. Bloody hell. S'only a coupla T-shirts, but buy lots please cos being so mentally deranged by endless drug use and therefore entirely unemployable, this is how I put bread on the table (sometimes I have margerine too, but only on special occasions...) (and it's better to use a plate really, or the table gets all messy after a few weeks).

Anthill Custom Cycles

Bit of a serious pose there H, I'll have to make you smile for the next shot. But anyway, what you're all really interested in is the T-shirt of course. Anthill Custom Cycles. The legendary and unforgettable shed that launched a thousand classic motorcycles utterly ruined with angle-grinders and big hammers. These are the grooviest shirts you'll ever buy, instant street cred down your entire street, old men gawp, mothers gather up their children, floozies make eyes at you, crikey, it doesn't get any better. Brand new and never even worn by anyone else at all, just £8.99 each or 18 quid for two. In Large, XL or XXL and you can have black or black. Proper.



Psycho Bobber

Okay, here's a good one. This is a design I stole off a 1919 French motorcycle company logo. They weren't using it any more. So how wonderfully perverse is that to start with.  Looks stunning when worn (er, which is why H is just holding it... We didn't think this through, did we...?). Again a measly £8.99, L, XL and XXL, massive availability, and hipper than a hip thing in hipsters. Phew, must be time for breakfast now, should have bloody had it before I started this...  


Stop Press: (well, stop nothing really, and if I wasn't full of wine while trying to add these new designs, this would probably take half as bloody long....) Anyway, the bobber design thing is now available in black on grey, and an amazing cream on brown (cos I've got a bit of a sepia thing going on at the moment...)





























Crikey, I wish I wasn't so drunk, this is taking bloody ages... Right, the brown bobber is the NEW!!! design, the grey one's been around a while, but the photos are in the wrong places and I can't sort them out. Grrrr! And there's a new Anthill one too. That's it there above (it's not really that new either, but I'm past caring now....). So now all the T-shirts are displayed one way or another. And I'm about to have just one more glass of *rushes off to check bottle* Pinot Grigio Bella Luna. Fabby ;-)


And further to the above (sigh...), there's now a NEW!!! sepia design as well (that's the one with the brown bike on the lighter background). Just buy some please, my head hurts now....


*(3 months later...)*   Right, yet another new shirt, but at least I'm not pissed while I'm trying to add this one to the site. So let's see if I can make a complete balls of this one....



























Bloody hell, it's just taken me 20 bloody minutes to insert that photo, I might be able to build bikes, but I'm bloody shite at building websites. And it's come out a bit big. And there's a big stupid red and black graphic underneath it now that I can't seem to bloody delete no matter what I try. Bugger. Anyway, that's me mate Kas displaying her ample assets. Oh, and there's a T-shirt there too. What with all this Groovesickle stuff going on, I decided I wanted a shirt like I used to wear back in the Sixties, before bikers all went black and dark and mysterious. So I had one made in vibrant yellow on vivid purple, just to show how much taste I really have. I mean, it simply oozes out of me (Yuk!). Then I liked it so much i thought I'd get a batch done, so you too can be the funkiest dude or dudess on your entire street.

Quite possibly the coolest T-shirt you'll ever buy.


How To Make Me Rich

Okay, if you feel inclined to help stop me starving, you can buy shirts in several wonderous ways. 

Paypal is best, just send cost of shirt, plus 2 quid for P&P, to odgie633@gmail.com 

Or if you don't trust electronica, a good old cheque made payable to odgie will do the job, snail mail it to c/o 19 Parkgate Drive, Leyland, PR25 1BU (stalkers and government officials please note, that's not where I actually live). 

Don't forget to state which shirt you want, what size you want, and where I need to send it. And add the 2 quid for postage (or a fiver if it's going abroad). All those bits are quite important really. 

Right, I've been buggering about with this for ages, I'm off :-)

(Note: T-shirt sizes are available in L, XL and XXL, and sometimes in M. Grab 'em...)