Me Book

I’ve written a book. 268 pages, 80,000 words, (all of them mine), design and illustrations by the unsurpassably talented Ms Scarlett Rickard, a massive 3lbs of paper in every copy (reinforce your coffee table legs beforehand), and packed full of wholesome fun (apart from the swear words). Make this one of your five a day and it’ll do you more good than a bowl of fruit.

Not much more to say really, apart from if you like this website you’ll like the book, ‘cos it’s really bloody fabby and you couldn’t possibly not enjoy it if you tried. 😉

img_1144135315_15200_1403717135_mod_637_465img_1144135315_15199_1403717040_mod_417_292IMPORTANT BIT: Okay, here’s how get hold of a copy through the wonders of Royal Mail. Cover price is £29.50 plus 4 quid P&P, so that’s a total of £33.50. And lots of easy ways to order:

The best way is, if you’re familiar with Paypal, just send £33.50 directly to If you send it as a gift, that avoids giving the big corporation a percentage of our dosh (Hurrah), but make sure you put your name and address in the note so I know where to send it. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Failing that, send me an e-mail ( saying you want a copy. Next time I’m online I’ll send you an invoice, just fill in your name and address and pay it, and I’ll send a book out to you. Only then the Luxembourg based tax-avoiders get some of my money, which is a bit of a bugger…

Or, if you don’t do electronickery, just send write out a good old cheque, payable to Odgie, and send it to  3 Lostock Lane, Lostock Hall, PR5 5XU


Right, that’s it, the best book in the entire Universe, available on all good websites. Or at least this one… 😉