The Way We Were

Rockers Rule…

¬†Okay, not got round to writin anythin else of me own stuff yet, but I just found these in an old folder, an they’re way too groovy not to make a quick ‘n easy page out of them.¬†Quality’s a bit dodgy cos they’re scanned from a magazine, but check out the double-engined Triton – and the bird in the mini-dress givin it rice on the old rigid Triumph…?


img_1144135315_15027_1144866377 img_1144135315_15028_1144866437 img_1144135315_15029_1144866468 img_1144135315_15030_1144866494 img_1144135315_15031_1144866545


Early Drags an Doubles

Forgot I had these as well – serious sickles or what? Trust the Yanks to get totally carried away. Still, I liked them better when they just built monster bikes and cars to cover their insecurities rather than bombin half the planet – can we go back to the Fifties please…? (oops, bit of politics crept in – maybe I’m still an anarchic twat after all…?). Anyway, fug that, enjoy the photos… :-)